E-mail vendor Emma teams up with StudioNow for online video services

Online video editing services firm StudioNow has partnered with e-mail marketing services firm Emma to bring digital image and video editing services to e-mail marketing.
As part of StudioNow’s newly launched partner affiliate program, Emma will recommend StudioNow’s Web-based video editing and post-production services to clients who use Emma to power their e-mail newsletters and campaigns.
As small to medium marketers are looking to include more mixed media options in their e-mail content, including links to videos, this partnership will address this need.
“This is kind of like version 2.0 of e-mail marketing-type campaigns,” said David Mason, CEO, StudioNow. “We are trying to go up the food chain and provide a more interactive way to communicate with customers through video. A marketer can now embed video within e-mail to drive better conversion rates.” certified mail of usps
Under the agreement, Emma customers will receive a 15% discount on StudioNow video editing and creation services to use in online campaigns. StudioNow lets marketers looking to create content directly connect with the Web-based StudioNow Editor Network of professional video editors, directors, producers and animators.
The StudioNow affiliate program lets other Web sites, in this case Emma, sell StudioNow’s services to a variety of target audiences. The partnership is monetized through commissions or a trade in services.
“Through our model, we are able to partner with people like Emma to help clients create video and then distribute through more traditional channels of distribution like e-mail,” Mason said.

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